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Over 500 doctors have now endorsed the open letter written to Premier Daniel Andrews.  The letter highlighted the alarming human toll caused by the lockdown measures being used in Victoria for the management of Covid-19.


We have also received an enormous number of support messages from the general public.  These include hundreds of stories from fellow Victorians describing the terrible suffering they are experiencing under the current lockdown conditions.


Victorian doctors, in large numbers, can see the significant harm these measures are causing. These doctors fear that the physical, psychological, social and economic damage is a health crisis. This is far worse than any good that may come from the lockdown.


It is our view that the Victorian Government’s current strategy for managing Covid-19 can no longer be tolerated. It needs urgent review in light of the destruction it has wrought. 


Disappointingly, we have not received any formal response from the Premier.


We can reassure all those who have reached out to us, that we are listening to you. We are fighting for your voices to be heard - by the people of Victoria, the Chief Health Officer and the Andrew’s Labor government.


We will keep you informed of any further developments.

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Over 500 doctors have signed


We are a group of senior practising doctors who are very concerned about the harmful effects that the current lockdown restrictions are having on the people of Victoria.